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A few words from Adrian and Fiona Mannion of the British Mini Club on their old RSP H959 VRR. 

As the first owners of H959 VRR from the Ilkeston Co-Op who at the time were Rover dealers in Derbyshire. We went in and ordered VRR a week before it was announced that the RSP was being introduced. As usual the dealer had no idea of this Mini or where we had got our information from. It pays to keep an ear to the ground. All the same they took our money. We wanted a Flame Red one but the dealer was being sent a Black version. After much playing around with the dealers stock list they managed to get it changed to red. Being very keen on concours we won many first prizes and National and regional shows all around the country during our time of ownership. Including a Master class win at Stanford Hall. VRR got plenty of use and made a couple of faultless trips to St Ives in Cornwall from our then home in Nottinghamshire. The number plate had some significance as 959 denoted our 9th Mini and 59 for the Minis first year. Then of course VRR means Very Reliable Rover  !!. VRR was traded in for our first fuel injected Mini about three years later - something we have always regretted - Oh well !!

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